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Frequently asked questions


Information about our products can be found on our website. We advise you to read the product sheets, information sheets and application manuals. If you cannot find your question there, you may find the answer in these FAQs. If not, please contact us on

For questions relating to ordering, complaints, exchanging and returning products, we advise you to read the relevant information on the website under “Information”.




Who are RED profs?

RED profs are part of a prestigious Dutch company with over thirty years of experience in the development and production of fire-resistant products. From mid 2013, the products are sold under the trade name RED profs.


Which countries do you supply to?

RED profs supply to every country of the European Union.




Can I order sizes that are not included in the product overview?

No, all available sizes are included in the product overview.


How do I order an article on request?

Send an e-mail to or call +31 (0)182-760028 (Dutch speaking telephonist).


Do I get a guarantee on the supplied products?

The guarantee can be found on the product sheets of the products.


Are the RPI-P Fire collars supplied with fasteners?

No, they can be ordered separately from our webshop in the section “Installation materials”.


I received my order but the product was damaged during transport.

Please refer to our complaints procedure under “Information”.


I bought too many products. Can I return the ones I don’t need?

No, you cannot return surplus products. Please refer to our General Terms and Conditions and our “Exchange and return” policy.


Do I qualify for a discount if I order in bulk or if my order exceeds a certain value?

Yes, some products qualify for a discount if you order more of them. You can view this discount by clicking on the information icon beside the price of the product. Regular customers who order large volumes on an annual basis may also qualify for a fixed discount percentage. RED profs will automatically contact you if you qualify for such a discount.




If I buy your products, are the sealants also certified?

No, the certification only applies to the products of RED profs; the sealants are not certified.

The product sheets supplied with the products tell you whether a product is KOMO-assessed and whether test reports or certification documents are available on request.


How do I get hold of a test report or certification document?

Send an e-mail to with your request. Clearly describe for which product and for which application you wish to receive a test report or certification document.


How do I mount RED profs products?

See the Application Manuals on the website.


What size should the core be to enable our installer to seal it in accordance with the certificates?

If possible, make the core 2 to 3 cm larger around the duct to ensure that it can be sealed with the RPI-S 60 system.


Can you give a guarantee on the application?

No, RED profs only provide guarantees on the working of the products.


Should I remove the half-shell of a PE pipe when I mount an RPI-P Fire Collar or an RPI-P Fire Sleeve?

No, for sizes up to Ø 125mm it should not be removed; with larger sizes it should be removed.


Can you certify the seals we make ourselves?

No, RED profs doesn´t give any guarantee on the application.


We made the seals ourselves; does this mean we can get a guarantee certificate?

No, RED profs doesn´t give any guarantee on the application.


Can you inspect the seals we made so that we can get a guarantee certificate?

No, you must provide your own guarantee for the work carried out.


On what side of a plasterboard wall should I apply the seal?

You should always make your seals on both sides of the light partition and finish it in accordance with the instructions.


How do I make a RPI-S 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes seal?

See the tab “Fire systems”.


When installing a synthetic pipe through the wall, should RPI-P Fire Collars be used on one or on both sides of the wall?

If possible, always install two fire collars, because fire may start on either side.


From what diameter of a synthetic pipe should an RPI-P Fire Collar or an RPI-P Fire Sleeve be used?

In all synthetic pipes that do not run tightly through the wall/floor from Ø 40mm.

In all synthetic pipes that run tightly through the wall/floor from Ø 50mm and higher up to 50 mm you should use the RPI-S Sealing system.


The seals made have hairline cracks. Is that a problem?

Hairline cracks are not a problem, because RPI-S Coating foams when heated. Cracks caused by movement should, however, be recoated and refilled with RPI-S Coating and RPI-S Filler.


I can only finish one side of the seal. How can I make the seal adequate fire resistant?

Before sealing the core, pretreat the installation pipe 20 cm from the wall with RPI-S Coating.