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About us

In the RED profs e-shop you can order quality fire-retardant products that you can easily apply yourself. You can handle any job with our wide product range of products, developed and tested extensively in the field. RED profs is a label of Gerco Fire Prevention, market leader in the structural fire prevention.


Fire resistant products
Fire compartment walls and floors are often 'leaky', e.g. with cut-outs, seams, vents and ducting for cables, ducts, plastic and metal pipes. RED profs provides custom solutions to make any 'leak' fireproof.


Flame retardants
For self-retardant treatment of wood, textiles or (Christmas) decorations, use our paints and impregnating agents.


DIY assembly
You can get the job done fast and properly with our clear manuals and videos.


Ready in a jiffy
Create an account, order online and receive your order at home the next day.


Delivery in 24 hours.
We deliver in Benelux within 24 hours. Delivery time in other EU countries is 3 to 4 days.


Certified quality
Almost all RED profs products are rigorously tested. Refer to the product information for details on KOMO certification, test reports and classification documents. Depending on requirements you can prove in this manner whether you work with fire protection or fire retardant, e.g. that you provide 120 minutes fire resistance against fire penetration and fire transfer (RFPFT).


Test reports
We test in accordance with the relevant (European) standards, such as NEN-EN 1366-3. Test reports and classification documents specific for construction and application areas are available on request. Fire barriers are tested on various types of surfaces (such as walls, floors, light partition walls) and for various penetrations (cables, metal and plastic pipes, ventilation ducts). Some products also come with a KOMO product certificate in accordance with the BRL 2881. Proof that you are in compliance with the Building Decree when assembly and use are consistent with the certificate. Refer to the product information for more details.

RED profs coding
Our product range coding means the following:

RP RED profs
I Intumescent
S Static
E Electrical application
Plastic pipe
Temporary application
O Other products