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For a correct application we recommend that you read the Application manual and watch the Application video (Google Chrome).

Application manuals

RPI-E Flex tube

RPI-E Flex box

RPI-S Sealing sticker

RPI-S Sealing system

RPI-P Bracket

RPI-P Fire sleeve A gap between sleeve and wall is

RPI-P Fire sleeve B in a recess at least 10 mm bigger than the pipe diameter.

RPI-P Fire collar

RPS-T Firestop pillow

RPI-E Connection box stop □

RPI-S Insulation sleeve A distance between the pipe and the wall < 10 mm.

RPI-S Insulation sleeve B round a pipe that passes through any hole in the wall

RPI-J Joint seal

RPI-D Intumescent/ Door/ Smoke Strip

RPI-E Connection box stop