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About RED profs


Your guarantee of the best quality

RED profs stands for proven quality in fire-resistant sealing products and systems.

We have been developing and producing highly reliable products for fireproofing transits and seals in our own lab and production facilities for more than 30 years.


All our systems and products are developed with practicality in mind and are extensively tested and certified in accordance with the relevant European technical standards. Naturally, everything we produce is subject to strict external monitoring. Almost all the systems supplied by RED profs are comprehensively tested in our own testing facility and by the leading European testing bodies, including TNO/Efectis. These tests are carried out in accordance with the relevant European technical standards. We can provide test reports and classification documents, depending on the structure and the area of application. Among the aspects tested are various types of surfaces (e.g. through walls, floors, light-weight partition walls) and transits (cables, metal pipes, plastic pipes, ventilation ducts).


RED profs has the KOMO Attestation with Product Certificate for certain products. This attestation indicates that the products concerned have been assessed and approved in conformity with assessment guideline BRL2881 and meet the requirements of the Dutch Buildings Decree, provided they comply with the conditions set out in the certificate, including:

• production of the building components (transits) in accordance with the specifications and/or processing methods set out in the Attestation with Product Certificate;

• compliance with the conditions of use described in the Attestation with Product Certificate. RED profs products are used in accordance with the required number of minutes of resistance to fire penetration and spread. Seals with fire resistance of up to 120 minutes are possible. Test reports and classification documents are available on request.


RED profs System 


RP    RED profs  

I        Intumescent

A      Ablative

S      Static  


E      Electrical application

S      Sealant

J      Joints

P      Plastic pipe

V      Ventilation

T      Temporary application

D      Doors

O      Other products